RJ45 connectors: CAT6/CAT6a, PoE++ transmission performance


SEETRONIC introduces its new Ethernet connector series which complies to CAT6a according to TIA/EIA568B and ISO/IEC11801 standard and compatible with transmission levels below CAT6a and PoE++ transmission performance according to 802.3bt.


The RJ45 chassis connector SE8FD05-C6A(01) and SE8FD05-01-C6A provides airproof treatment which can withstand air pressure of 0.2Mpa and no leakage at the rear when waterproof cover is not in use.


The RJ45 cable connector SE8FC-C6A features IP65 waterproof protection rating when mated with SE8MC-02-NEW and the same IP65 waterproof protection rating when mated with SE8MC-05-NEW for the RJ45 chassis connectors SE8FD05-C6A(01), SE8FD05-01-C6A and SE8FDYH-60-C6A.


These new products are greatly demanded for harsh outdoor applications in professional audio, video, lighting and network equipment.  


Another new product offering for indoor applications is integrating LED light pipes through hole and providing CAT6 and PoE++ transmission performance, the latest in this product category.  This product group is the newest addition to the 01 Series indoor RJ45 chassis connector with PCB mount panel in horizontal (SE8FAH-C6-LED) or vertical (SE8FBH-C6-LED) and available in plastic plate A series and rugged metal plate B series. 


It has an approved latch lock system and matches with  SE8MC-1-NEW and SE8MC-02-NEW or any standard RJ45 plug.  It can be installed from behind the panel with maximum thickness 3.0mm


For other applications which does not require the LED pipes, we have designed similar RJ45 chassis connector series which still features CAT6 and PoE++ transmission performance and the product number is simply SE8FAH-C6 or SE8FBH-C6.